About Our Business
Big A Jewelry Pawn Shops opened our first store in Sulphur, LA in 1988.  
In Lake Charles, the Prien Lake Road store opened in 1989.  Our location
on Martin Luther King Parkway in North Lake Charles opened in 1996.  

With owners and managers from Southwest Louisiana, we hope to
continue to serve the financial needs of our customers in a personal way
that honors the family traditions of South Louisiana.  

The "PAWN" transaction has a history that goes back as the oldest form
of personal loans.  The Queen of Spain is reported to have "PAWNED"
her crown jewels to the MEDICI family to finance Christopher Columbus'
journey to the Americas.  The MEDICI family crest includes three gold
balls, referencing Saint Nicholas' bags of gold.  This is the origin of the
Three Pawn Balls as the symbol for pawn shops.